McKinney Roughs Nature Camp

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McKinney Roughs Nature Camp


McKinney Roughs is a nature park that operates under LCRA. LCRA stands for the Lower Colorado River Authority. LCRA opened its doors for business in 1935 and completed the Lake Buchanan Damn. Since then they have provided wholesale electricity to central Texas. In 1995 LCRA acquired the land that is now McKinney Roughs. Then in September 1998 LCRA opened the Nature Park. They began with a few hiking trails and a few community learning programs. Since then they have grown to offer recreation to the community and schools, eighteen miles of hiking trails, challenge course activities, and summer camp.


“The Mission of the McKinney Roughs Nature Park is to provide a premier regional facility dedicated to the preservation and understanding of biological diversity, the health of the Colorado River watershed, and the cultural history and resources of the site. McKinney Roughs serves as a resource for the educational programs and demonstrations that enhance the general public’s understanding of these concepts.”


Job Description/ Requirements

This job is very fast paced and you are outside the majority of the day. As a summer Camp Counselor you need physical abilities along with personable characteristics. The camp takes multiple hikes, spends a lot of time at the challege course, and spends most of the day on the move. Working with the children is the customer service aspect of this job title. If the kids are happy most likely so are the parents. So being able to work well with kids and have a good time is important. In order to be a Lead Counselor a college degree is required as well as basic outdoor knowledge. There is no education level for the other counselors; just an age minimum of 18.

Benifits and Opportunities

The pay rate varies between all of the counselors. The Junior Counselors, which are high school students, are paid $7.25/hr. The Counselors' pay amount ranges from $9.00/hr. to $15.00/hr. with the highest amount being paid to the lead Counselors. During camp the counselors get at least one chance to participate in some of the challenge course high elements. Working at McKinney Roughs is a great chance to meet a lot of people and build some great relationships. LCRA is a huge company so this is a perfect opportunity for networking. 

Camp Pow-Wow


At McKinney Roughs I've accomplished more than I ever thought possible. A few of my biggest achievements are learning how to belay on the rock wall system, becoming a river boat captain, and finding a balance between being a camper's friend but still being able to discipline them. I'm very grateful for all of the fun experiences I have gained while working at the park. 

Rachel Clardy

McKinney Roughs Nature Park 

Summer 2013